Scripting amidst a crisis

The world is in crisis. A third of the world is in lockdown. The very fabrics of life has been shaken to its very core. An invisible enemy is on the prowl in the streets, bubbles of safety shattered down. An unfamiliar feeling for most generations who have lived in “relative” peace.

But while the world is in lockdown, while the world’s productivity has come crashing down, one portion of the population has encountered unprecedented amounts of work – and that is us, the folks who live and breathe binary. People are forced to work from home, children are supposed to study from home and Netflix usage is off the charts. People are forced to seek productivity and entertainment digitally now more than ever before.

Thus it becomes our burden to keep the world running. In a time when the companies themselves are struggling with stocks plummeting, profits decreasing and new equipment unavailable, it is up to us code monkeys to gear up. It is up to us to optimize every line of code, to squeeze every ounce of power from servers, to not just keep the lights on, but to keep them shining as bright as ever!

So on wards Engineers. You may not have the blazing fast internet you get at office, nor the multiple monitors, the uninterrupted power or the unlimited supply of coffee… but it’s our time to give back! Script as much as possible to offset the difficulties. It might be too laggy to click, but its never too laggy for command line. Automate as much as possible so that you don’t have to worry about the little things. Keep the big picture in mind.

So on wards Engineers. Keep the world running.