What is Scriptigator?

Scriptigator is a blog based website mainly focused on scripting in Powershell and PowerCLI and all forms of other scripting I happen to stumble upon. The idea of the blog materialized when the I realized that there is no one stop knowledge base for shell scripting when I was doing my scripting work. The main aim is to share knowledge on scripting, offer tips and learn alongside the readers.

Been dabbling at scripting with Powershell and PowerCLI (mostly) for the past couple of years and by no means do I consider myself a master of the craft. So constructive criticism is always welcome!

About the author

I am Sahan Fernando – the scriptigator. A graduate in Computer Science and currently employed as a Systems Engineer at Pearson Lanka, specializing in Virtualization. I am a passionate scriptor, marveling at how simple lines of code can ease up hours of tedious work. Loves Powershell and how it can do everything short of scratching your back! Loves automation and building up solid code.

*Opinions and information cited here are that of personal opinion and is not affiliated with my Employer.